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The owner of Wintex Agro is Torben Vinther who is educated and examined in agriculture and the cultivation of plants. With his outstanding know-how and great experience within precision farming and farming in general, he has specialized in manufacturing soil samplers.

Already in 1996 Wintex Agro developed the first soil sampler, the Vindél 100. The known Wintex 1000 was developed in 1998 and ready for sale in 1999. The Wintex 1000 has constantly been improved and is today the market leader for soil samples up to 25 cm in most of the world.

At the beginning of 2012 Wintex Agro took over the production of Geonors well-known soil sampler Geonor MCL3 for soil samples in 1,20 m and 2 m depth. The probe was considerably improved, and the soil sampler is now sold as the Wintex MCL3. Wintex Agro also sells the spareparts for this sampler.

In November 2013 Wintex Agro launched an innovative soil sampler, the Wintex 1000s which samples down to a depth of 30 cm. The Wintex 1000s works fully automatic and by means of a hydraulic hammer which ensures that soil sampling can take place in all kinds of soil.

Later on in 2012 Wintex Agro launched the Wintex 2000, a new soil sampler which the company developed on the basis of long-time experience, feedback and demand from their worldwide network. The Wintex 2000 takes soil samples up to 60 cm, and it can take samples from two different layers at the same time.

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