WINTEX 3000s

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­­­­­­The WINTEX 3000s is an automatic, powerful and reliable soil sampler for fast and efficient soil sampling up to 100 cm. It is user-friendly and requires only minimal maintenance. All functions are comfortably carried out from the driver's seat.

Compared to manual soil sampling, the number of soil samples and the acreage covered increase significantly without hiring extra help. Time and costs are saved, and the physical strain is reduced to a minimum.

The WINTEX 3000s can take soil samples from up to three layers in just one operational step. The samples can be taken from one, two or three layers at the same time. The total depth as well as the point at which the sample shall be divided can be adjusted infinitely variable according to the user’s needs. The soil samples are always taken at the exact same depth. They are divided precisely at the defined points and filled into the soil boxes.

The WINTEX 3000s works in any type of soil also in clayey, sandy or really hard soil. The soil samples are taken by a soil sampler probe and not with an auger. This ensures a completely homogeneous sample. If a sample is taken with an auger, you will always take more material from the top layers than from the lower layers of the soil which influences the accuracy of the sample.

Virtually all vehicles such as for example, tractors, pick-ups, trailers or caterpillar vehicles are equally suitable as carrier vehicles for the WINTEX 3000s.


Samples/hour: 15
Sticks/hour: 1 stick in 22-28 sec.
Sticks/sample: 14-16
Volumen/sample: available with 26 mm probe for
1.5 g/cm, 2.0 g/cm or 2.5 g/cm
at a density 1:1
Diameter probe: 26 mm
Hydraulic system: Honda GX200, 5,5 hp
Hydraulic consumption: 16 l/min, 100 bar
Hydraulic tank: 7 l
Electrical power: 12 volt DC
Capacity battery: 14 Ah, 250 W
Net weight: 115 kg

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Your down-to-earth partner

The owner of Wintex Agro is Torben Vinther who is educated and examined in agriculture and the cultivation of plants. With his outstanding know-how and great experience within precision farming and farming in general, he has specialized in developing and manufacturing automatic soil samplers.

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