About Wintex Agro

Wintex Agro has specialized in developing and manufacturing high-quality automatic soil samplers. The business idea comes from the Owner Torben Vinther. He is an educated Farmer and Agronomist who previously took soil samples manually. Torben Vinther realized that there had to be an easier and more efficient way to take soil samples which minimizes physical strain and results in really precise and representative soil samples which are always taken at the exact same depth.

In 1996 he developed the first automatic soil sampler for the depth of 25 cm which at first was named Vindél 100. The device has been gradually modified and improved, and in 1999 it was launched under the name WINTEX 1000. Mounted on an ATV, it made soil sampling significantly easier. Sampling could be conducted much faster and more accurately, and at the same time notably larger areas could be sampled.

The WINTEX 1000 quickly became a bestseller in Denmark, and soon it was also a great success in the European as well as in the non-European markets. Thanks to the feedback from our customers we then recognized the need for additional equipment which goes deeper into the ground and take optimal samples even under very challenging soil conditions. We developed new soil samplers which in addition to the rotary engine-driven WINTEX 1000 also are equipped with a hydraulic hammer.

Therefore we have now the WINTEX 1000s for 30 cm, the WINTEX 2000 for 60 cm and the WINTEX 3000 for 90 cm for sale. The WINTEX 2000 and the WINTEX 3000 can also take soil samples from different layers in one and the same operation. Aside from that, in 2012, we took over the production of a half-automatic soil sampler for 120 cm and 200 cm from a Norwegian manufacturer. The device has been improved and is now on the market as the WINTEX MCL3.

Today Wintex soil samplers are present in countries all over the world, including the US, Canada, Russia and Australia. Due to the feedback from our international distributors and customers, we are familiar with the latest developments in the world market. Our focus is always on our customers which is why we attach great importance to quality, reliability, user-friendliness and minimum maintenance of our equipment.

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