Users' experiences

Awesome sampler. Reliable, efficient, a work horse, and accurate. 

Felix Weber, Ag Business & Crop Inc., Canada


The Wintex hydraulic sampler allows us to collect samples at a consistent depth and at an even pace regardless of the type of soil. We collect roughly 4000 samples in a year and it would easily allow us to collect 1500 more if needed. On the reliability side, with good basic maintenance, the machine remains efficient and reliable throughout the season.

Dominique Leroux, Service Action DG inc., Canada


Our first Wintex 1000 soil probe was bought 4 years ago and this season it hit over 82000 holes on the counter. This unit is mounted inside a truck and work flawlessly. We pull the unit apart this year to see what parts we will have to replace to prevent down time. But we found that none of the wear plates needed to be replaced. The unit was still in perfect condition.

Cavalier Agrow, Canada


I recently talked with Felix (from Wintex Agro's distributor in Canada), and I told him how satisfied we are with the two Wintex 1000 we bought from Ag Business and Crop last year. We are looking for a high level of consistency in the depth of the soil sampling because this is key to deliver reliable soil tests analysis. We really can achieve this with our Wintex 1000. Furthermore, we can take so many more samples every day, which make our teams much more efficient.

Pierre Pagé, synAgri, Canada


The Wintex soil sampler (Wintex 3000) is an easy-to-use, straightforward machine that alleviates the physical stress of collecting soil samples by hand. It has the ability to collect soil samples from multiple soil depths, and facilitates an efficient soil sampling process.

Sylvis, Danica Long BSc


Our company Danuba has a cooperation with the company SOYL UK, and we use their 25 years experience in precision farming. We offer VR seeding, VR plant nutrition services for Hungarian farmers. The basic for these services is the knowledge of the soil. We scan the soil and create management zones and after that comes the soil sampling. We asked our UK partners which soil sampler company/machine is the best. They proposed Wintex Agro and the Wintex 1000S model. We purchased this model, and we are very satisfied with it. It takes samples from any type of soil from 30 cm depth. We can take a sample where the Toyota Hilux is able to get ahead. We are planning to invest into a same new unit next year.

Istvan Zajacz, Danuba, Hungary


We decided to purchase a Wintex 2000 in the beginning of 2019 based on recommendation of our colleagues from Austria and its variety of use for our clients' requirements. It became an essential part of our complex service for soil nutrition service. The Wintex 2000 is an efficient soil sampler for huge acreage as well as in the hard soil conditions of vineyards. In short words there is no impossible task when it is called to its duty. Easy operation and good manuals also need to be mentioned.

Michal Peleš, RWA Slovakia, Slovakia


I’ve been using a Wintex for soil sampling for over two years now, and I am very pleased with it. It’s allowed me to expand my business through increased productivity, accuracy, flexibility and consistency. My Wintex allows me to samples any soil type from sand to muck, and I even take some frozen soil samples! My Wintex is very reliable routinely taking over 200 samples per day. I’ve been able to increase the number of samples that I can take without increasing my workload or hiring help. That’s a great benefit for a small business such as mine.

Tom Prosser, Prosser’s Ag Service, USA


I purchased my Wintex 1000 in the fall of 2002 after seeing it demoed at a trade show in New Mexico, and I have not regretted my purchase. It has performed very well in all sorts of soils, moistures and stones. I like the durability, dependability, cycle speed (about 3 seconds), ease of handling and the service from the dealer.

Jesse Weaver, Agri Consulting Services, USA


The Wintex is a perfect fit for my John Deere Gator. Its capacity for soil samples per hour allowed me to cut my sampling time in half. This system has enabled me to start site specific sampling while remaining cost-effective and improving my crop yields.

David Mullock, Mullock Farms, Canada


The Wintex 2000 works really well, both in very clayey and in sandy soils. It is very reliable, takes samples of high quality and separates them precisely. Sampling is carried out quickly which previously was a much more time demanding job. Today with the Wintex 2000 we conduct sampling in less time, we cover larger areas and sample with greater confidence. The Wintex 2000 fully meets our needs and we recommend it safely.

Rafael Bull, Timac Agro, Paraguay


In 2018 Wintex Agro visited the very first user of the Wintex 1000 Mr. Hubert Dorzynski in Poland. Mr. Dorzynski told us that he was and still is satisfied with the Wintex 1000. He takes soil samples in all kinds of soil. Yet he sometimes needs to wait for the right weather  as the ground can be very hard without rain. Sampling takes usually place disreagarding the weather conditions. The Wintex 1000 works in all soil types, both in hard and dry soils as well as in soils which have not been plugged in eight to ten years. 

Hubert Dorzynski, Poldanor, Poland


In 1999 we bought a Polaris ATV with a Wintex 1000 soil sampler. The soil sampler has been used each year for soil sampling. In 2016 we bought a Honda ATV – also with a Wintex 1000. The soil samplers have been routinely maintained at Wintex Agro in Thisted. Both soil samplers have been used of different drivers during the years. There have been no problems at all. We are fully satisfied with them and can recommend them without any doubt.

Anders Kjær, Lemvigegnens Landboforening, Denmark