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The WINTEX MCL3 is a strong and powerful soil sampler and has been selected by Ministries of Agriculture, national research institutes and leading contractors of many European countries for the work involved in complying with the EU's Nitrate Directive 91/676/EEC.

The WINTEX MCL3 is designed for taking high-quality soil samples quickly and effectively irrespective of the kind of soil. The ability to operate in all kinds of ground as well as the quality of the actual samples has led to the WINTEX MCL3 being the leading soil sampler for samples in the depth 1,20 m and 2 m.

The probe of the WINTEX MCL3 has a specially designed tip which ensures optimal, representative and homogeneous soil samples in full depth. Soil sampling is conducted from the control panel and carried out by a hydraulic system. The control panel has four functions:

  • Lifting the mast into working position
  • Positioning the mast on the ground
  • Getting the probe into the ground by the means of a high-frequency hammer
  • Rotating the probe

A special valve automatically provides maximum speed according to the type of soil. Therefore it is not necessary to adjust the speed manually. Two types of the WINTEX MCL3 have been developed, both able to take soil samples in 1.20 m and 2 m depth:

- The WINTEX MCL3 has its own hydraulic system and can be mounted on John Deere Gators, trailers, pick-ups and many other vehicles. The WINTEX MCL3 can either be delivered for soil samples in the depth of 1.20 m or for soil samples in both 1.20 m and 2 m depth.

- The WINTEX MCL3T is a lighter and more economical soil sampler for mounting on tractors. It does not have a hydraulic system and must therefore be connected to the hydraulic system oft a tractor. Also the WINTEX MCL3T can be delivered for soil samples in 1.20 m depth and for soil samples in the depth of both 1.20 m and 2 m.


Samples/hour: 4
Sticks/hour: 60
Sticks/sample: 10-16
Volumen/sample: 300-500 g
Diameter probe: 35 mm
Hydraulic system: Honda GX390, 11 hp
Hydraulic consumption: 20 l/min, 120 bar
Hydraulic tank: 30 litres
Net weight: 420 kg (MCL3), 290 kg (MCL3T)

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The owner of Wintex Agro is Torben Vinther who is educated and examined in agriculture and the cultivation of plants. With his outstanding know-how and great experience within precision farming and farming in general, he has specialized in developing and manufacturing automatic soil samplers.

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